Queer Liberation Not Rainbow Capitalism Tshirt

Queer Liberation Not Rainbow Capitalism Tshirt


Screen printed on a soft black t-shirt, this shirt is meant to start the conversation around corporations profiting off of queer culture during Pride season.

Every year when the Pride months roll around, we see corporations dawning the rainbow version of their logo, making rainbow versions of their products, and sponsoring pride events—but what are they doing to help the queer community the rest of the year?

”Isn’t this capitalism?”
Clearly, yes. Now bask in the irony of this satirical shirt. We believe that pride should be shown by supporting queer businesses that support the queer community in a number of ways. If corporations want to integrate queer culture into their brand messaging, they need to bring in the experts; a.k.a. queer businesses that know a thing or two about our own culture, instead of profiting off our community and culture for a month.

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