Secret Sauce

Like a freshwater spring in a desert of dumpster fire presentations.

Pitches don’t have to be stressful anymore.

Americano is deeply versed in presentation design & pitch theatrics. We’ve been in the trenches at some of the biggest agencies (like Ogilvy & Mather in NYC) making their new business development teams work like a well-oiled machine and helped them win billions in new business. We’ve got presentation design so dialed in, that we make decks on a psychological level based on who you’re pitching to.


Adding us to your pitch team is absurdly easy


Step 1 —

Meet & Greet

Give us the 411 on your presentation situation and we’ll advise which of our services would be the most helpful and which process integrates the smoothest for your team. We ask the tough questions. Including, but not limited to: are you presenting to right-brain or left-brain oriented folks? Is your team more familiar with Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides? Are you presenting in person at your office or virtually through a screen share?

Step 2 —

Cross the t’s, Dot the i’s

When you’re ready to hit GO with us, we’ll take care of paperwork and on-boarding. Typically this process is done within 1 business day, because we’re a lean and extremely fast team. You’ll get a checklist from us for everything we need from you to have an extremely smooth process on both ends.



Step 3 —


We get to work! Our turnaround times are f a s t. Our attention to detail is immaculate. Once we’re done with your presentation, we send you a secure link for you to access your brand new presentation at any time. Presentation day theatrics get presented to you. Once the theatric details are approved by you, we put in the orders to make the magic happen.


Step 4 —


Rest assured, you’ll have us on-call for any design changes that arise up until presentation day. Presentation Day Theatrics show up on time ready to go, as if we were never there and you thought of this all on your own (good job).


Here’s what we offer:


Branded Templates

Sometimes you just need a template that you can use around the office for those inevitable presentations. We’ll take a look at some presentations you’ve done in the past so we can understand your presentation style and types of information you commonly use. We’ll design a template and polish it off in whichever format (PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides) that’s easy for everyone on the team to use—ready to plug and play into your next presentation.


This is best for when you’re about ready to present or pitch! We’ll go into your presentation to check for inconsistencies, make sure everything is aligned and on-brand.


Flips are recommended when you have finished content (text, graphs, charts, images and logos) and a presentation template that you just need someone to format the content into. We’ll take your content and put it into your template, adjust for any one-off circumstances, clean up any charts or graphs, and polish it off ready for you to present.

Custom Presentation Design

Sometimes a special presentation requires its own custom design, in which case, we got you. We design your content (text, brand fonts, and logos) into a one-of-a-kind presentation, search for high-quality photos that aren’t tacky, redesign any charts or graphs for consistency, and polish it off ready for you to present.

Presentation Details & Theatrics

Pitch day is full of nerves—don’t sweat the details, we’ve got you covered. We understand how folks who are left-brain and right-brain oriented best receive information. Using our psychological understanding of presentations and your audience, we create finely designed presentation details from name cards for the meeting room to turning an entire floor of your office into a speakeasy.*

*True story. Ask us about it sometime.


Let’s get down to brass tacks

We price our services using flat rate fees so everyone has clear expectations and no surprises once the project is done.


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