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Americano's Brand Story: It's in our genes


Charlie Poulson, present day.

Charlie's first contract, age seven.

A note from Charlie Poulson, Americano's CEO —

I’ve been branding and running businesses since I was able to dress myself; choosing basketball gear and cargo shorts (we all have our low moments) over dresses and skirts.

Personally, I’ve experienced the world in many forms: Midwesterner, soft butch lesbian alumni, three-time Elvis Halloween participant, vintage motorcycle mechanic and enthusiast, temporary Italian, and now Los Angeleno just to name a few. 

This continuous adventure of experiencing the world as a transman has only furthered Americano’s mission of helping brands and individuals bring their true, authentic messages to life.

Kids truly do the strangest things, and in my case I was no different. I wrote my first contract when I was seven years old that employed my younger brother at my imaginary Pokemon drawing firm for a whopping $5/month. I would spend my days making and remaking various forms of packaging and designing layouts as a kid. Eventually I went digital and obtained my first copy of Photoshop around age thirteen so that I could make myself look more masculine—using design to show my authentic self. 

My goal for every project is to provide fearless, high-quality branding and design that never chooses safe over real. After all, nobody ever starts a business to look like everyone else.


All signs pointed to Americano

Charlie at "work" in a suit and tie, recreating VHS packaging.

Charlie's household newspaper, age eight.

Charlie as a kid, with basketball gear of choice.