Gradient — Branding Data Science

The situation —
How do some of the biggest brands make the decisions that they do? Gradient is a lean team of data scientists that has helped big brands like Estée Lauder and Nike make informed decisions on whether to keep or kill a product based on measured analytics. A hidden gem living between the traditional market research and data science world, Gradient needed a brand identity as unique as them.

The solution —
Our approach was different this time around since nothing similar existed. We hopped in the DeLorean and designed from a feeling instead of existing design examples.

We turned our left brains on and discovered a unique feature of Gradient: they were using a heavy-duty program unaltered from 1985 to collect and output their research. Taking this and the prompt to look like “IBM in the 1980s if IBM in the 80s was cool,” we knew this was a request that made logical and conceptual sense to break through the corporate noise of larger research firms.

The bottom line —
Our creative process is flexible & adaptable, resulting in design with depth and unique brand identities for every single client.

Client: Gradient Metrics
Location: New York City
Service: 1-day Brand Intensive

Envelope Package Mockup.jpg