Adidas — Superstar

The situation —
At a time when popularity meant millions of followers, sold out shows, or personal security guards, Adidas set out to redefine what it meant to be a superstar and reestablish the cultural relevance of the Superstar shoe. Once known for its place in rebellious street culture, Adidas needed to reassert its dominance and connect with a new generation unfamiliar with its history.

The solution —
Working alongside Johannes Leonardo & Caviar, we took the concept and iterated what this looks like translated to a flexible digital and print campaign. We took the small, but bona fide, elements that make Adidas what it is: signature Adidas shoe details, copy lines handwritten by the Superstars themselves, and layouts that were flexible across traditional formats and broke the norm for how advertisements should look.

The bottom line —
Americano puts the future forward—we make flexible designs with strong concepts to evolve over time. Our team is agile and capable of large-scale projects.

Client: Adidas
Location: Global
Service: Advertising campaign concept contribution & layout design

Adidas Superstar Layout Portrait Headline PW 48S.jpg