We do more than “just a logo”


Americano is design with depth.

We believe, and know to be true, that great design incorporates cultural know-how and diverse perspectives; the perfect balance of substance and unprecedented style.

Over the years we've shared our expertise with these fine folks:


We help companies stand out in a world of stereotypes and clones with one-of-a-kind branding.


We genuinely love what we do: from being honorary experts in a plethora of different industries and products, a day at Americano is never a repeat. Our tenacity, patience, and respect fuel us to figure out even the most complex problems. We go all in, even if it is just to get us speaking your industry lingo.

Most of our friends are also carving out their own paths, and come to us for help to get out of the loops of highs and lows—we understand you. We've worked with big brands, which we've loved the experience, but what we really love is elevating the entrepreneurs, makers, dreamers, and underdogs onto a level playing field. In fact, we're underdogs ourselves.

With us, you get a dedicated team of branding experts that flourishes on new and unique problems. We love to see our clients succeed and grow alongside with them. From solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Americano works independently, or as a plug-in to accelerate an existing marketing team already in place.




When you’re tired of using the same old templates for flyers and business cards—come see us for your tailored marketing strategy and promotional materials every month on a subscription basis.


Brand Conditioning

If you think you “just need a logo” or “just need a website,” start here. Think of a Brand Conditioning like a diagnostics for a car making a weird “chirrrrr” noise you’ve never head before. Best for companies that need a change, but aren’t completely sure what it is or where to start. We jump right in with a 2 hour session where we ask the tough questions and get to the bottom of the real issues you’re having. Afterwards, we present a full brand solution & plan for your company that saves you from wasting time and money on solutions that don’t turn results.


Brand Intensive

A full-on brand identity project that doesn’t mess around. We create a brand concept, content strategy, identity, guidelines, website, and everything else you’d need to run your business with a cohesive and one-of-a-kind brand identity. Our Brand Intensive starts with a 2-hour Brand Conditioning to understand your business and personality like nobody else. After a week of formulating, we come together during a 1-3 day intensive and present your fully-functioning and ready to go brand identity. During the intensive, we’ll get you and your team familiar with your new identity with training on consistent and solid implementation. You’ll even have the chance to make on-the-spot edits if something doesn’t feel quite right to you. After you make a triumphant Brand Intensive finish, you’ll have all the files and know-how to successfully launch (or re-launch) your company. Spots are limited and awarded to folks who have completed our initial interview.


Brand Management

After an Americano Brand Intensive, companies are eligible for Brand Management—where we go into your own systems and implement your new brand identity down to every detail. Each Brand Management membership includes a complimentary Overhand membership for monthly marketing strategies and promotional materials. Under Americano’s Brand Management, we include tailored solutions for brand launches and ongoing design, copywriting, and development support.


Individual Services & Offerings:

Digital & Print Design

We do it all, big and small: from promotional flyers to full-scale multi-city OOH advertising campaigns.



We generate names that embody your business, its offerings and unique personality.

Brand Identity Development

Fueled by strategic research, we craft rich visual identities that convey the essence of your brand in a way that generates buzz and drives affinity.


Content Creation & Curation

Give us a feeling or vibe, and we’ll curate and create visuals that evoke specific brand values. From mood boards to Spotify playlists to social media posts.

Art & Creative Direction

Sometimes you just need a fresh eye to re-imagine your product. We create and unify your brand visuals through photography to evoke a specific vibe you’re looking to clearly convey.


Creative Technology

We don’t just make things pretty; we make them work. Our full-stack creative technology solutions have you covered from websites to e-commerce to apps. We create well-oiled engines of integrated technologies so you can focus on the tasks that matter.

Brand Strategy

The backbone of branding, we get in deep to find the most unique part of your business and form a strategic foundation that informs every business decision.


Social Media & Marketing

Deploy your new creative brand through social media channels and marketing platforms so your ideal customers can find you.


Need something small, like a brochure or flyer?
Check out our boutique marketing membership, Overhand.


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