We do more than just “make things pretty.”


Americano is design with depth.

We believe, and know to be true, that great design incorporates cultural know-how and diverse perspectives; the perfect balance of substance and unprecedented style.

Over the years we've shared our expertise with these fine folks:


How Americano Came to Exist


Americano was born in the belly of New York City; within the walls of a bland freelance cubicle in one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. Charlie Poulson, Americano’s CEO, knew that there had to be a better way to blow through $2M than on a client’s helicopter arrival, branded carpets for an hour-long meeting, and really, really nice cheese plates. (True story) So, in 2014 he created Americano to offer better design in a more efficient way.

After years of searching for a Unicorn—a.k.a. someone who is both a designer and a developer—Charlie and Erin crossed paths at a coffee shop that couldn’t be named more perfectly for the hardworking duo: Go Get ‘Em Tiger. With the final puzzle piece in place, Americano was moving full steam ahead as a one stop shop for design and technology.

Together, Erin & Charlie lead a lean and curated team of creatives and developers who are in the top 10% of their fields.


Our team:


Services & Offerings:

Digital & Print Design

We do it all, big and small: from promotional flyers to full-scale multi-city OOH advertising campaigns.



We generate names that embody your business, its offerings and unique personality.

Brand Identity Development

Fueled by strategic research, we craft rich visual identities that convey the essence of your brand in a way that generates buzz and drives affinity.


Content Creation & Curation

Give us a feeling or vibe, and we’ll curate and create visuals that evoke specific brand values. From mood boards to Spotify playlists to social media posts.

Art & Creative Direction

Sometimes you just need a fresh eye to re-imagine your product. We create and unify your brand visuals through photography to evoke a specific vibe you’re looking to clearly convey.


Creative Technology

We don’t just make things pretty; we make them work. Our full-stack creative technology solutions have you covered from websites to e-commerce to apps. We create well-oiled engines of integrated technologies so you can focus on the tasks that matter.

Brand Strategy

The backbone of branding, we get in deep to find the most unique part of your business and form a strategic foundation that informs every business decision.



Social Media & Marketing

Deploy your new creative brand through social media channels and marketing platforms so your ideal customers can find you.


We help businesses break out of the loop of uncertainty.


We genuinely love what we do: from being honorary experts in a plethora of different industries and products, a day at Americano is never a repeat. Our tenacity, patience, and respect fuel us to figure out even the most complex problems. We go all in, even if it is just to get us speaking your industry lingo.

Most of our friends are also carving out their own paths, and come to us for help to get out of the loops of highs and lows—we understand you. We've worked with big brands, which we've loved the experience, but what we really love is elevating the entrepreneurs, makers, dreamers, and underdogs onto a level playing field. In fact, we're underdogs ourselves.

With us, you get a dedicated team of branding experts that flourishes on new and unique problems. We love to see our clients succeed and grow alongside with them. From solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, Americano works independently, or as a design plug-in for an existing marketing team already in place.


We’re not the kind to toot our own horn,
so our clients rip into a horn solo for us.


“Americano has been a hugely valuable asset for a new project we are building in the beverage alcohol space—serving as a creative partner across the range of market research, solid insights into the cultural design reference, and quality creative output most importantly.  Would highly recommend working with them!”

—Pete Nevenglosky, Owner of Avuá Cachaça

“The Americano team is a creative powerhouse. I’m well aware we were a very picky, probably obnoxious at times, client but Charlie kept with us throughout the entire process. And man did his vision come to life. We now have a gorgeous, distinctive brand aesthetic that a legitimate head turner. 

Americano took the time to really get to know our vision. They worked around our schedules and did a great job of driving and managing the development process. You cannot go wrong with Americano!”

—Kyle Block, Managing Partner at Gradient

“I’ve worked with Americano for a few years now on several projects for some of our most high profile clients. I’m happy to say it has been an absolute delight. The team always has a fantastic attitude aimed at effective problem solving with great insight into design solutions. They’re incredibly responsive and have some of the fastest turnaround times I’ve ever encountered! All in all, a total pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

—Ashlin Romagnoli, One-Woman-Army at Wolf & Wilhelmine